What we can solve for you

Architecture and Strategy

A solid architecture is the foundation for the solutions that power your digital enterprise. We take time to understand what makes your organisation unique, and define the architecture that is best fitted to your organisation. Utilising methodologies like Integration Solution Advisory Methodology (ISA-M) and tools like SAP Integration Suite’s Integration Assessment, we collaboratively create the integration strategy required to achieve your organisation’s vision and mission, and compose the guidelines, principles and best practices to meet them.


With a combination of extensive experience and a keen insight into the latest proven technologies, we design innovative solutions to enable your organisation to maintain itsĀ competitive advantage. We take a holistic approach in our designs, ensuring that each solution is not a silo, but fits perfectly into the overall picture. We carefully consider the needs and requirements of a solution and select the appropriate services and capabilities required for the design, such as SAP Cloud Integration, SAP API Management, SAP HANA Cloud and SAP Cloud Application Programming Model. Our mission is to design robust, resilient and future-proof solutions that help your organisation achieve its goals.


We are professionals with deep expertise in a multitude of latest technologies like SAP Integration Suite, MuleSoft Anypoint Platform and Microsoft Azure DevOps. We love getting our hands on the nitty gritty development tasks, magically weaving each piece into place to bring alive truly unique and innovative solutions. We incorporate well known and accepted best practices into the development workflow and apply rigorous testing to ensure the solutions delivered are of the highest quality. We take time to ensure the solutions meets your organisation’s needs satisfactorily.